“Greg Lato's debut (children's book Try) is a motivational joy for both parents and kids” 

Warwick Beacon


Award-winning pop musician and songwriter Greg Lato adds to his impressive body of work with the July 24 release of his first children’s album, Create My Own World, featuring two-time Grammy winning children’s entertainer Bill Harley as special guest.


Create My Own World presents a fun and inspiring soundscape in these challenging times through music as relatable to kids as it is nostalgic to parents. The album is influenced by ‘70s and ‘80s pop artists like Hall & Oates, Phil Collins, Todd Rundgren, and The Cars, with a taste of Lenny Kravitz and the Rolling Stones thrown in for good measure.


“Writing and recording Create My Own World was the most fun I’ve ever had making an album because I was able to express myself in ways that I couldn’t on my previous adult albums.” says Greg Lato. “I saw this project as a blank canvas where I could let all my creative juices flow. The experience was particularly special for me because I made it a family affair. My two daughters are heard on a couple of tracks, and my dad plays a sax solo on the title track!”


With its songs about imagination, creativity, exploration, kindness, and family, Create My Own World helps kids look beyond a life of quarantine and distance learning to a future when they will truly be able to create their world anew.


Album highlights include the boppy, EDM-influenced opening number “I Like Sprinkles” and the synthy “Hi Gene,” which could be the soundtrack to a John Hughes flick for the pre-adolescent. The confidence parable “Two Slow Snails” is a duet featuring Bill Harley, while the ‘80s influenced title track is an ode to the powers of imagination.  Greg brings a true ‘70s Badfinger/Todd Rundgren/Elton John-era vibe to his anthem for the absent-minded, “I Can’t Find My Sock.” His dual inspirations for “Share My Stuff” were Lenny Kravitz and the Stones.


“Try,” with its uplifting, tropical vibe, was described by the Warwick Beacon as “a motivational joy for both parents and kids.” The song was written to accompany Greg Lato’s sing-along children’s book of the same title. Greg has let his own imagination go to work envisioning his daughters’ future, and the result is his tender ballad “What Daddies Do (I Will Be With You),” a promise to his girls and an inspiration to dads everywhere.  


Four brief spoken word vignettes by Greg Lato are sprinkled among the songs, and these cozy reflections contribute to the album’s up-close-and-personal feel. 




Growing up in a musical family, Greg Lato was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. His father, jazz sax player Vinny Lato, had an extensive collection of albums, and from the time Greg discovered them at age six, he was hooked. Greg started playing guitar when he was eight, and within two years had begun writing his own songs, watching MTV as a source of inspiration. Throughout high school and college Greg picked up other instruments, including drums, bass guitar, and piano, and took advantage of every performing opportunity that came his way.


Ultimately coming to see himself as a songwriter first and a performer second, Greg went on to compose for film, TV, and other artists, most recently co-writing with The Voice runner-up Billy Gilman. Greg received two awards from the Billboard World Song Contest, had one of his music videos air on the FUSE channel, wrote a song for a film that went to #1 on the iTunes movie charts and spent 8 months in the Top 10, has written for network TV shows, has had his songs played in McDonalds, Subway, several department stores and Planet Fitness franchises, and co-wrote the Young Survivors theme song for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation. 


Taking a step into the literary world, Greg recently released Try, an inspirational sing-along children’s book about not being afraid to take chances. 


Previous Greg Lato releases include the albums Cassetting Son (2018), Lato & The Nevers: Fire Between Us (2016), Do The Best With What I Got (2010), and Monday Morning Breakdown (2009).


Create My Own World will be available 7/24/20 on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, and more.


Have Greg perform at your school, bookstore, library or event!

Greg starts off each event with a brief description of the origin of his children's book with song TRY, then reads the book in a traditional storytime format. He then gets the party started with a performance of the song TRY, which has an island reggae vibe and is super catchy! After one listen, just TRY and get it out of your head! Dancing and singing are strongly encouraged!

Greg will then perform several other children’s themed singalong songs that deal with every day topics that kids go through on a daily basis. Greg adds funny and interesting stories before each song that kids and parents can relate to!



GREG LATO/Create My Own World:  An award winning power popper tried his hand at kiddie music in this debut and comes in with a bright set that could chase away the apprehension that these times are sneaking into the kid’s Froot Loops.  Engaging stuff for kids of all ages that will leave everyone feeling happy and satisfied.

Chris Spector - Midwest Record



“Greg Lato is a local guy, and extraordinarily talented. I mean, the guy knows what he’s doing and has the vocal chops for the American Idol crowd and then some. Upbeat, heart throb songs with titles like “Beautiful Woman” and “Last Girl” tell you all you need to know. Tales of love, heartache and long- ing are the themes Lato chooses, and they fit his style and musicality like a velvet glove. Lato’s music has legs, and while the local scene doesn’t offer many openings for a pop star, he could make it onto a larger stage with a couple of industry breaks. True pop artists, and Greg Lato is the genuine article, either garner air time, sell records and play joints like PPAC, or serve lattes at Starbucks. There ain’t much middle ground for that type of music, but hopefully Greg will be the next great Rhode Island pop recording star. Check out Greg Lato, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jim Vickers - Motif Magazine

“Greg is pop with a capital "P". His (music) videos are full fledged productions, including full group dance numbers, "angsty" story lines, unfolding drama, romance. Check out his videos, they are really very good.”

John Fuzek - Motif Magazine

“Greg Lato-Monday Morning Breakdown. For those craving some "poppier pop", Providence, Rhode Island's Greg Lato is your man. This 8-track mini-album is slick top 40 pop in the vein of acts like Mika, The Feeling, Jack McManus & others. "Beautiful Woman" is the prize here, an upbeat tune with a great melody and all the top 40-type bells & whistles, including strings. The piano-based title track is another treat with harmonies that bring to mind First Class' 1974 hit "Beach Baby", and "Last Girl" is another song you'll love in spite of yourself. Although the whole genre of power pop could be considered a guilty pleasure, this one's a guilty pleasure for power poppers. ”

Stephen Lawrenson - Absolute Powerpop

“Artists wear many hats here on OurStage. From singing to songwriting to performing to producing…the list goes on and on. Often times, artists are so good at multi-taking it can make our heads spin. It’s not easy to be a Jack of all trades, and artists often take many detours on the way to the finished product. OurStage artist Greg Lato started writing melodies at the tender age of 7 and went on to release his first EP to rave reviews. But despite all the writing, singing and recording, it’s his “acting” chops in the music video for “Monday Morning Breakdown” that makes us think he should to head to Hollywood next. The video (directed by Ryan Gibeau for Rock It Films) is cheeky and charming, and leaves us all longing for 5:00 PM. And while we can’t put our finger on exactly what it is, there’s just something about it that makes us think he could be a bit of Michael Bublé in training. Check it out”

 - Our Stage - Plugged In


After spending an afternoon with Greg Lato, it is safe to say that he deserves his success. Not only does he give our small state something to be proud of, he has also worked for this moment his entire life.

Rhode Island Monthly - Brooke Serra



TryGreg Lato
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New Album Available 7/24/20,  Pre-Order album and get  'I Like Sprinkles' single on iTunes on 7/3/20

I Like SprinklesGreg Lato
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Hi GeneGreg Lato
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Create My Own WorldGreg Lato
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I Can't Find My Sock!Greg Lato
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TRY is an inspiring children's book with original song that encourages children to tackle fear or discouragement when taking a chance on dreams or goals. Any accomplishment in life starts with the first step of trying regardless of fear of failure. TRY is designed as a sing-a-long storybook by notable singer/songwriter and father, Greg Lato, to enhance the belief in oneself through words, pictures and song. The TRY song is upbeat and positive with a beachy vibe and will have you singing
along with a smile. Whether the reader is facing challenges through
illness, bullying, exclusion, home life, feelings of helplessness or simply chasing dreams, TRY addresses each one by offering an encouraging solution through the lyrics and illustrations. TRY will leave the reader singing along and smiling; self-assured and ready to try and take on their own challenge.






3/6 - Appearance at Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, RI


3/6 - Appearance at Portsmouth High

School, Portsmouth, RI

3/7 - Performance at Federal Pizza

1039 Chalkstone Ave 

Providence, RI 

Free Show 1pm

6/13 - Guest DJ on the Hilltown Family Variety Show on 103.3 FM WXOJ Radio broadcasting from Northhampton, MA 9-10am

8/8 - Performance at Maury Loontjens Memorial Library, Narragansett, RI 2pm.


Elizabeth Waldman Frazier

Waldmania PR 





Greg Lato 






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